Landowners Working With Landowners.

We work to bring environmental and economic value to our landowner clients through unique opportunities and markets.

Our in-house team’s proven expertise in the development of forest carbon offset projects and other land management services, coupled with our passion for conservation, enables us to help landowners create a recurring revenue stream while preserving healthy, working forests.


To design and implement carbon offset projects and conservation initiatives that meaningfully address today’s environmental challenges. We utilize our experience as landowners, and our expertise as land managers, to strategically evaluate forest management strategies, network with industry professionals, and partner with landowners to foster sustainable income and conserve natural resources.


To be the trusted leader in designing and implementing sustainable conservation projects.

What We Do…

Forest Carbon Offset Development & Management

Avoided Conversion Projects

Prevents the conversion of forestland to a non-forest use (agriculture, residential, mining, etc.) by placing an easement on the property

Improved Forest Management Projects

Implements new timber management activities that increase carbon stocks on the property.

How We Do It…

Forest Carbon Offset Development

Green Assets provides turn-key forest carbon offset services from development to cash flow.

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Sustainable Forest Management Planning & Certification

Green Assets works with landowners to achieve sustainable forest management goals on their property, enhancing the value of timber through sustainable management and certifications.

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Conservation Easements

Conservation easements allow landowners to protect their property, retain land rights, and benefit from strategic decisions for future generations.

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GIS Analysis & Mapping Services

Utilizing the most up-to-date satellite technology, we are able to analyze timber and spatial data as well as produce high quality mapping of land assets.

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Habitat Restoration & Biodiversity Consultation

We are experienced in establishing and supporting ecosystems and wildlife habitats to encourage overall forest health.

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Forest & Soil Stratification Analysis

Stratification analysis provides an accurate understanding of the unique characteristics of your property.

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As a leading developer of forest-based carbon offsets, Green Assets is a trusted and capable provider of effective land management strategies that create sustainable revenue for our clients. Our experience, proven track record, high level of integrity, and transparency in the design and implementation of every project ensures a successful partnership.

Our Process


1. Engage

Landowner understands options for project development


2. Review Feasibility

Green Assets reviews forest data to identify the ideal option for the landowner


3. Plan & Develop

After aligning goals, Green Assets conducts document development, easement recordation, inventory, carbon quantification, forest modeling, and reporting


4. Verify

Project documentation and forest inventory are verified by third-party verification company


5. Submit & Register

Project is reviewed by carbon registry and government bodies


6. Monetize

Upon issuance, carbon credits are sold and landowner is paid

Achievements To Date:


Acres enrolled in Forest Carbon Offset Programs


Acres enrolled in Conservation Easements


Forest Carbon Offsets Issued


Forest Carbon Offset Pipeline

Notable Achievements:

  • Green Assets is the first and only supplier of carbon credits under the California Air Resources Board’s (ARB) Avoided Conversion Forest Carbon Offset Protocol.

  • Only forest carbon offset development firm whose founder has a forest carbon offset project on his personal property.

  • First forest carbon offset development firm to create and execute a Qualified Conservation Easement.

  • Co-authored, with the American Carbon Registry (ACR), an Avoided Conversion of Forests Methodology designed for the Voluntary Credit Market.

  • Only forest carbon offset development firm to have a 100% success rate on contracted forest carbon offset projects.