Conservation Easements

Conservation easements are an excellent option for landowners seeking to conserve the unique environmental characteristics of their property as well as offer opportunities for landowners to benefit from the contributions that easements provide to land trusts or other easement holders. They are created to achieve landowner’s unique goals while retaining as many land rights as possible.

In addition to traditional easements, Green Assets specializes in the development of Qualified Conservation Easements for Avoided Conversion forest carbon offset projects, which provide landowners with financial incentives for maintaining their property as forestland. They offer environmental benefits such as improved wildlife habitat, outdoor recreation, and healthy water and soil quality.

Green Assets has a wealth of experience in the development and implementation of conservation easements that enable our landowners to protect their land for future generations and enroll in environmental programs. We are the ONLY firm to record Avoided Conversion Qualified Conservation Easements, which increase the value of compliance forest carbon offset projects.

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