As a leading developer of forest-based carbon offsets, Green Assets is a trusted and capable provider of effective land management strategies and sustainable revenue to our clients.

We are “Landowners Working with Landowners®” and that guiding motto drives our process. We utilize our first-hand knowledge and expertise to enhance the economic and environmental potential of your property and strategically align with your overall goals and objectives. We take on all upfront project expenses and work diligently to provide a turn-key process for creating, verifying and monetizing carbon offset credits. Green Assets never pre-sells credits at a discount, or to fund project development.

Our experience, proven track record, high level of integrity and transparency in the design and implementation of every project ensures a successful partnership.


To be the trusted leader in designing and implementing sustainable conservation projects.


To design and implement carbon offset projects and conservation initiatives that meaningfully address today’s environmental challenges. We utilize our experience as landowners, and our expertise as land managers, to strategically evaluate forest management strategies, network with industry professionals, and partner with landowners to foster sustainable income and conserve natural resources.

Our Story

Founder and Chairman, Hunter Parks, first identified the emerging US Carbon Market in the mid 1990’s while investigating programs for his own family land. At that time, he determined the market was not yet robust enough. However, as markets evolved and multiple states began setting emissions reductions targets, Hunter grew more confident about the potential of mitigating climate change through the use of “carbon credits” – a free-market commodity that could be bought, sold and traded within the private sector.

With a genuine passion for conservation and sustainable land management, Hunter was naturally inclined to pursue forest-based carbon offset projects with the purpose of entering the market. With that goal in mind, he began educating himself in all aspects of both the national and international carbon arena and began implementing his first carbon offset project on his own family land. Following the success of that initial project, Hunter knew with certainty that other landowners had much to gain from sharing in his experience. Several years of research, climate conferences and meetings culminated in the formation of Green Assets, Inc. in 2010.

For landowners to fully understand the carbon offset system and its implications it is important to gain insights from a fellow landowner – someone who is familiar with their goals and objectives in addition to the challenges and planning necessary to make long-term decisions that concern their land. Hunter understood that by implementing a carbon project on his own land that he would gain first-hand knowledge and valuable insights regarding the intricacies of project development. This lead to the guiding motto of Green Assets: “Landowners Working with Landowners®.” This simple phrase sums up the philosophy and guiding directive of our company.

Since that time, Hunter has worked to build a team of professionals with the capacity to address a wide range of conservation projects. With over 80 years of combined experience in land management, conservation and forest carbon project development, the team has a track record of successfully integrating new initiatives with existing landowner goals. They have established themselves as experts managing the dynamic issues of land ownership.

Our Process

1. Engage

Landowners understand options for project development.

2. Review Feasibility

Green Assets reviews forest data to identify the ideal options for the landowner.

3. Plan & Develop

After aligning goals, Green Assets conducts document development, easement recordation, inventory, carbon quantification, forest modeling, and reporting.

4. Verify

Project documentation and forest inventory are verified by third-party verification company.

5. Submit & Register

Project is reviewed by carbon registry and government bodies.

6. Monetize

Upon issuance, carbon credits are sold and landowner is paid.

Our Team

Bailey Evans
Bailey Evans
Bailey Evans CEO As a career conservationist, Bailey has extensive experience in domestic and international conservation and environmental...
Bily Brown
Bily Brown
Forest Carbon Analyst
Bily Brown Forest Carbon Analyst An early introduction to the outdoors through kayaking and rock climbing is where Bily's interest in conservation...
Kaitlyn Costin
Kaitlyn Costin
Director of Implementation
Kaitlyn Costin Director of Implementation Kaitlyn Costin joined the Green Assets team in 2015 as Director of Implementation where she leads the...
Rob Eckenrode IV
Rob Eckenrode IV
Lead Forest Carbon Analyst
Rob Eckenrode IV Lead Forest Carbon Analyst Rob is a Forest Carbon Analyst at Green Assets. He was born and raised in rural Connecticut where he...
Biz Fallon
Biz Fallon
Executive Assistant
Biz Fallon Executive Assistant Biz's interest in conservation sparked while visiting Cambodia in 2011. Not only was the conservation and...
Lynn Floyd
Lynn Floyd
Senior Office Administrator
Lynn Floyd Senior Office Administrator Lynn has been the Office Manager for Green Assets since 2013. She works diligently to keep the office...
Drew Hall
Drew Hall
Business Development Manager
Drew Hall Business Development Manager Growing up in North Carolina, Drew developed a passion for being outdoors at an early age.  He earned his...
Jeff Johnson
Jeff Johnson
Director of Verification
Jeff Johnson Director of Verification Jeff has spent over 10 years working to promote conservation initiatives throughout the southeast. His...
Jonathan Pomp
Jonathan Pomp
Technical Director
Jonathan Pomp Technical Director Jonathan Pomp is the Technical Director of Green Assets, where he serves as both Lead Forester and Lead...
Carolyn Rhodes
Carolyn Rhodes
Office Assistant
Carolyn Rhodes Office Assistant Carolyn joined the Green Assets team during the summer of 2020. She has well over 20 years of experience in...
Riley Whitlow
Riley Whitlow
Marketing & Communications Coordinator
Riley Whitlow Marketing & Communications Coordinator Riley was introduced to the importance of conservation and natural resources management...

Hunter Parks

In Memoriam

June 30, 1976 – February 13, 2022

Hunter Parks was the Founder and President of Green Assets, and a true pioneer in the carbon industry. His advocacy of the forest carbon market since its inception lead to involvement with government conservation programs, and fostered relationships with universities and non-profits for research and community development opportunities. Hunter created new markets for landowners to access sustainable conservation revenues.

A native North Carolinian, Hunter was a passionate outdoorsman and conservationist. As a  lifelong landowner, he gained valuable experience in the realm of habitat management and development, agriculture, and creating unique hunting experiences. He subsequently founded Green Assets and developed the first California Air Resources Board Avoided Conversion Forest Carbon Offset project in the country on his own personal property. To this day, Green Assets motto remains “Landowners Working with Landowners”, as he sought to support other landowners in their goals.

To know Hunter Parks was to know a truly genuine, one-of-a-kind individual. Those fortunate to have met him would attest to his bright and vibrant personality; and h­­is selfless and generous nature made a positive impact on so many. Hunter was also a passionate philanthropist. He founded multiple charitable ventures and was an advocated for disadvantaged communities and children with disabilities.

Tragically, on February 13, 2022, Hunter’s plane crashed off the coast of North Carolina. He was returning from a youth hunting trip and one of his most beloved activities which was passing on his love of the outdoors to young people.

For those of us at Green Assets, Hunter will be missed tremendously. As a man of many titles, he will ultimately be remembered as a true friend and an invaluable mentor to each and every one of us. His relentless pursuit to be the “first, best, and only” will carry on in our current projects and pave the way for our future endeavors.


Being a leader in the forest carbon offset industry starts with talented, passionate individuals like you. If you are interested in an opportunity to join our growing team, please fill out the contact form below.