GIS Analysis & Mapping Services

Remote Sensing and GIS technology enable improved mapping, monitoring, and management of forest resources. Mapping is a critical component of land management, and especially in the development of forest carbon offset projects. From data collection, cartographic analytics, and remote sensing, Green Assets utilizes GIS technology and high-resolution mapping services to optimize the value of timber, reduce project costs, and improve decision-making in forest management.

It is essential for all projects to begin with reliable timber and spatial data. During initial project implementation, we begin with a thorough review of a landowner’s existing forest inventory data to identify any outstanding needs and potential improvements. On the ground forest inventory data coupled with remote sensing and GIS analytics provides a detailed database that can be effectively managed for multiple timber and nontimber values. Additionally, our GIS experts use our systems to address landowner inquiries that inevitably arise when managing a property over time.

Green Assets maintains access to several sources of satellite imagery, including day-of satellite imagery subscriptions, for monitoring landholdings. Using high resolution satellite imagery combined with our spatial data, we produce high quality maps that clearly depict valuable pieces of information including ownership boundaries, timber types, wildlife habitats, soil and topographic analyses, interior roads, and other land use objectives.

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