New EPA forecast for GHG reduction

The EPA is expecting the US to reduce CO2e emissions by 839 million tons by 2015.

The GHG rule for cars and light trucks should cut 99 million tons of GHG emissions by 2015 while new model vehicles from 2012-2016 will be expected to have an average fuel efficiency of about 35.5 mpg.

Furthermore the EPA hopes to expand the project to include heavy trucks after 2016.

Other American programs focused on conserving energy are expected to cut a further 740 million tons of GHGs.

Actual GHG reductions by 2015 could be greater than 839.1 million tons as programs such as the EPA’s tailoring rule have not been included in the initial calculations.

Beginning this January, the tailoring rule will allow the EPA to greatly diminish US GHG emissions by regulating the largest stationary source emitters. These stationary sites will be required to show they are meeting federal Clean Air Act standards by using the best available control technologies (bact).