Green Assets contributes to Duke University Forest Study

Green Assets continued to build upon a strong relationship with Duke University, as we were acknowledged for contributing to a recent Nicholas Institute for Environmental Policy Solutions study examining the carbon offset potential of Duke Forest.

Duke University has set a number of aggressive emission reduction targets including a goal to become carbon neutral by 2024.

To achieve this mark, Duke University has planned a number of renewable energy and improved transportation efficiency initiatives.

Additionally, the generation of carbon offset credits will be instrumental in attaining carbon neutrality.

Duke Forest, which totals over 7,000 acres, provides a significant source of sequestered carbon.

Seeking the expertise of an established forest carbon offset project developer, Josh Strauss, a graduate student in the Masters in Environmental Management, reached out to Green Assets for guidance.

Both Green Assets’ President Hunter Parks and Natural Resource Analyst Chris Bordeaux provided direction to Josh throughout the process of determining what types of forest offset projects were feasible and most beneficial to Duke Forest.

The final research study was presented this past December at the Nicholas Institute for Josh’s Master’s Research Project presentation.

Green Assets was pleased and honored to work closely with both Josh Strauss and the Duke University Nicholas Institute on this important study.