Frankenstorm forces refinery shut downs

As Hurricane Sandy approaches, precautions have been taken throughout the East Coast in preparation for what weather analysts predict to be significant winds and a heavy storm surge.

The hurricane is combining with moisture from the south and cold winds from the north to create what forecasters have dubbed a ‘Frankenstorm’, with Halloween right around the corner.

This rare storm will impact states from North Carolina up to New England.

Fuel refineries in New Jersey and Pennsylvania are suspending operations in advance of the storm.

Travel throughout the region has also been restricted, with several thousand flights being canceled.

In Washington D.C. many federal government offices closed Monday, with the city’s Metro public transportation postponing service until the weather has calmed down.

New York City could see a 10 foot storm surge, prompting evacuations of low-lying areas a temporary shut down for Wall Street.

According to Bloomberg Media, the insurance costs of Hurricane Sandy could top $6 billion.