Obama renewable energy plan announced


Following through on his vow to address climate change in his past State of the Union Address, President Obama visited a clean energy research lab to show his commitment to his renewable energy plan.


The president also outlined a number of goals that will impact national emissions including reducing oil imports by half and significantly increasing clean energy generation in the US.


Obama has proposed an Energy Security Trust that will provide $2 billion in funding for renewable energy projects.


Three huge renewable energy projects, two solar and one wind, were approved this week for construction in California and Nevada.


Developing the projects will create demand for over 1,000 jobs and generate power for over 300,000 homes.


The Obama Administration has now approved a total of 37, including solar, wind and geothermal projects, demonstrating a commitment to his renewable energy plan.


Obama also pledged to use executive power to regulate carbon emissions should Congress fails to present any legislation.


This executive action would likely come in the form of support for the Environmental Protection Agency’s new performance thresholds, expected to be rolled out later this year, that would place additional emission requirements on power plants.