Green Assets speaking at CarbonExpo in Spain

Hunter Parks, President of Green Assets, Inc. has been invited to speak as a panelist at the 10th annual Carbon Expo in Barcelona, Spain.


The event will take place May 29-31 and is expected to host 25,000 delegates and 2,000 exhibitors all representing 110 countries.


The invitation came from Mary Grady, Director of Business Development at the American Carbon Registry (ACR).


According to Mr. Parks, he is excited for the opportunity to represent the emerging US carbon economy in this huge international forum.


“It truly justifies all of the hard work and effort that our team has gone through in making Green Assets the highly respected industry leader that we are,” said Parks.


During the three day event Mr. Parks will be meeting with current public and private sector leaders and industry experts, combining a wealth of experience and knowledge along with new ideas and strategies on carbon finance and project design.


For more info on Carbon Expo 2013, visit this site: