EPA Chief approved by Senate

Gina McCarthy has been selected to lead the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).


President Obama originally nominated McCarthy a few months ago, but it wasn’t until this week that the Senate voted to elect her to serve as the highest ranking environmental representative in the US.


McCarthy’s past experience instituting government regulations without compromising economic growth and expansion with be invaluable as she maneuvers through the bi-partisan landscape.


She will be tasked with implementing the climate change policies President Obama outlined last month, which include placing limits on power plant emissions.


The President placed a target of July 2015 to roll out the new regulations.


In addition to power plant regulations, McCarthy will also be instrumental in deciding whether or not to proceed with the construction of the Keystone Pipeline which would transport oil sands from Canada to be refined in the southern US. Environmentalists have opposed the pipeline, citing the risk of oil leaking into surrounding habitats and the energy-intensive process that is required to refine the oil sands.


McCarthy replaces former EPA Chair Lisa Jackson, who has since been hired by Apple to head up their environmental initiatives department.