Green Assets Team

Jonathan Pomp

Technical Director

Jonathan Pomp is the Technical Director of Green Assets, where he leads the company’s production of forest carbon offset credits as both Lead Forester and Lead Protocols/Standards/Programs Expert. He oversees all technical aspects pertaining to the design and implementation of the company’s forest-based Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions reductions/removals projects, as well as the development of new methodologies. He also manages the growth, administration, and strategic direction of the company’s office in Morgantown, West Virginia.

Jonathan’s diverse professional forestry career has included a plethora of experiences in the areas of forest/fire ecology, forest inventory, growth/yield modeling and associated biological and financial analyses, forest carbon offsets, forestry reclamation/reforestation of disturbed sites, and Right-of-Way (ROW) vegetation management.

The majority (over a decade) of his professional career has been focused on forest carbon offset consulting, design and implementation, quantification & analysis, strategy development, project development, and validation/verification. He has extensive experience in project management and verification, inventories, and market feasibility studies for various forest carbon offset project types under a wide array of protocols, standards, and programs. He is a long-standing Accredited California Air Resources Board (ARB) Lead Verifier and Project Specialist for U.S. Forest and Urban Forest Projects and has worked extensively in the ARB realm since 2012, both verifying, and providing technical expertise to several of the most complex and novel carbon offset projects in the industry.

Jonathan, a Mountain State native, received his B.S. in Forest Resources Management (2006 – High Honors) and M.S. in Forestry (2008) both from West Virginia University. He is a professional member of The Society of American Foresters (SAF) and is a Certified Forester (CF) with the organization. He is a Registered Professional Forester in West Virginia, Michigan, South Carolina, North Carolina, Mississippi, Georgia, and Alabama.